Malawi Blood Transfusion Services Sounds Sos, Lacks 'O' Type

Malawi Blood Transfusion Services Sounds Sos, Lacks 'O' Type

Blood bank, the Malawi Blood Transfusion Services (MBTS) has sounded, saying it is lacking the crucial 'O' negative type, a universal blood donor.

Spokesperson for MBTS Allen Kaombe said the 'O' negative is an important blood because it can be given out to any type of a person with different blood types.

"This is a rare type of blood, we need urgently," said Kaombe urging people with the type of blood and other types of blood to go to hospitals and make the blood donations.

He said the blood bank is getting dry because last year, out targeted 120, 000 units of blood, MBTS only collected 63, 000 units which he said translates to 10,000 units a month for the whole country.

He said the 63, 000 units is just 52 per cent of the blood collected, saying the MBTS collected just over 50 per cent of the 'O' level type of blood.

"This type of blood is rare, they are universal donors, they supply blood to people of any type of blood, we need this type of blood in our blood banks," he said.

MBTS collects much blood especially during school summer holidays when students go and donate blood in various temporary centres mounted by the MBTS.


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Publish date : 2018-09-20 12:13:25
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