Ike Catcher Who Is A 6’9″ ft Tall Calisthenic Bodybuilder Takes Us Through A Muscle Beach Workout!

Ike catcher is a 6’9″ ft tall calisthenic bodybuilder and is pretty agile for a guy of such a size. He trains in calisthenics as well as some martial arts amongst other training forms. Check out this cool body weight workout he shows in the video below!


Ike Catcher Who Is A 6'9


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You are lost in the Jungle then you encounter a giant wild savage build like this… what do you do? #thoughts ???✒ My skin is the stonewall, my hair on my skin the trees of the canyon, the water of the river flowing like the blood in my veins, the wind breeze like the breath of my lungs, inhale air (oxygen), become organic(carbon), birds flying in between like messenger agents, the scent of flowers, aphrodisiacs – hormones and endorphins, a million minds on one body, one body a million minds, the plants and bees swirling, squirrels trying to find a nut, predators hunting, lizards and Jaguars, snakes and eagles, the buck and the hare, the deer and the bear, the owl at night on the prowl, the wolf excites when he howls, one is running the other is chasing, every one plays their part, animal nation – all is equal, my imagination, I enter the jungle, I’ve been here before feels like a sequel. Listen to serenity, not to the people, ready for the rumble when they try to eat and then defeat you. #getonewithnature #feelingthis

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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


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