Gambia: ‘Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital Nurses Are Paid Less’

Sanna Darboe, the deputy Spokesperson of the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) nurses association said Nurses at the Major referral hospital are paid less.

Darboe made this assertion at a press conference held in the Hospital complex, on Wednesday 27th March, 2019.

Executive members

The nurses say the aim of the conference is to foster the participation of nurses and dialogue between various stakeholders including government and the hospital management board, so as to address the challenges face by the nurses at the hospital. to promote sustainable policies for nursing programs and motivate commitment of nurses at the highest level.

Darboe stated that nurses play a vital role in improving the health system in the Gambia.

He said part of their major objective is to ensure good health outcomes for their patients, which he said cannot be achieved in the absence of patient safety, good working conditions for nurses.

Furthermore he indicated concerns such as inadequate materials, low salary scale and other motivational tools for nurses which he said are lacking.

He said they have been making several efforts towards finding a solution to the above- mentioned challenges.

Explaining the steps they have taken Darboe said, “We have engaged the hospital management since the inception of the association in 2017 so that amicable solutions can be found for these contending issues.”

He recalled that a series of letters have been written and sent to various stakeholders including the ministry of health and social welfare, Nurses and Midwives Council, as well as the National Assembly select committee on health. He also said these letters by extension was sent to the secretary general and head of civil services, personal management office and director of human resource ministry of health.

He disclosed that a meeting was held with the Minister of health and social welfare on the 7th September 2018, where these key challenging issues were highlighted. Despite all these efforts through dialogue, he said, nothing substantial has been done to address them.

More particularly he pointed that their low salaries do not commensurate with those of their counterparts in other hospitals in the Gambia.

“We want every individual and all stakeholders to know that we are committed to ensure that these challenges are been taken care of”, Darboe underscored.

On behalf of the Nurses, Deputy Spokesperson called on the hospital management and all the relevant stakeholders to ensure that these key relevant issues are handled with urgency.

“We are committed to continue the process of dialogue,” Mr. Darboe said, adding “We therefore, call on the hospital management to give our plight a positive response.” He said Failure to do so may result in alternative action.

On his part Yuspha Sanyang, Interim President reiterated similar comments made by the earlier speaker and further called for immediate action to be taken to address their plight


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