Nathalia Melo Takes You Through A Banded Glute Workout!

Former Bikini Olympia, Nathalia Melo takes a torch to her glute training at destination Dallas with a 45 minute glute workout filled with varying rep ranges, tempos, exercises and time under tension schemes. Learn from her how you can incorporate resistance bands into your leg and glute workouts to really maximize the muscle tension!

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Life isn’t necessarily about being THE best… but, it certainly is about being YOUR best! . The other day I heard an old Chinese proverb that really spoke to me: “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” . What are you doing NOW to start creating your best self? . Why do most people keep on telling themselves they will start tomorrow/next Monday/next month/next year??? . Imagine how far forward you would be had you started 6 weeks ago or 6 months ago… but, the truth is that you cannot change the past… but, you DO have the power to change the future. . I received the message below from one of the beautiful ladies who started being coached by me in the 4 Weeks to Fit Challenge, and then she went on to join the Mother Strong League… . Her name is Timea, and Timea one day decided it was time for change… and the day was not tomorrow… it was NOW! Here is what she had to say: . _”What have I learnt since I joined the 4W2Fit challenge and MSL? . This was the best decision in my life. I have wasted so many years in the gym doing workouts that have led me nowhere, have tried so many silly diets which made me feel tired, exhausted and never reached the results I wanted. . When I thought that this is it, this is my life and I have to just accept it, one lady on instagram was keep popping up with this challenge.( it is you Nathalia Melo-Wilson😁) . And I thought, what do I loose if I try? Is she the same as all the other gym/fitness/just want to make money kind of lady or she is genuine? Oh boy, after 1 week into the challenge, I felt that this is some real shit🙈😜. But was still in doubt. Will see, I said. After 4 weeks I saw some huge changes and I have felt great again, joined the Mother Strong League and never looked back!” . So, start creating your new tomorrow NOW with the 4 Weeks to Fit Challenge! . Only a few days left to join! . To join go to: (Link on bio)

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Nathalia Melo Takes You Through A Banded Glute Workout! Nathalia Melo Takes You Through A Banded Glute Workout!

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The fitness industry can be a bit challenging to stay in specially as a woman at childbearing age… . However, I also think that it is our responsibility as women to push through some social beliefs that once a woman gets married or has kids that she is “done”, that her body is “done”, or that her career is “done”. . I have been told by a business partner that a project had failed because I got married and had kids, even tho I had fulfilled all my contractual responsibilities…. . . _….I have been let go of sponsorships deals because I refused to follow the “soft core porn” trend said company was in. . I have even questioned myself if I was “good enough” to offer my guidance to other moms and women who too were struggling to define their roles as wives, mothers and women. . Throughout this journey I have learned that you are never too smart that you can’t learn, nor to stupid that you can’t teach. . Now, imagine how much you have been leaving on the table for not believing in yourself, for not believing that you CAN make a difference, for not believing that you can get out of the rut you have been in because society tells you that once you’re a wife/mom “you’re done”? . This self discovering experience is the most amazing thing to witness the over 700 women who have done the 4 Weeks to Fit Challenge go through! . They grow, they learn, they believe, and they create the tomorrow they have always dreamed of…. because they finally see that the sky is really the limit. . The early Bird pricing of the next challenge ends in 2 short days… now is your chance to start creating your new tomorrow!❤ I will see you there. . To join go to: (Link on bio)

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🔥Full Body Barbell ONLY workout🔥 . We all know how much I love workouts that dont require a whole lot of moving around the gym….as it means I get more time actually training and not fighting over machines.💪👌 . So,here is a little circuit u can do using ONLY a barbell and a Landmine attachment or a wall corner. . VIDEO 1- Squat pump (5 Pumps +1 Full Squat) . VIDEO 2- Single Arm Press (Pro tip- Keep your core tight and avoid bouncing on your legs) . VIDEO 3- Landmine Single Leg RDL (Pro Tip- keep the leg opposite from the side you are holding the bar on the floor) . VIDEO 4- Landmine Rows . VIDEO 5- Landmine Squat to Press . VIDEO 6- Landmine Woodchop (Pro Tip- Dont be like me and start with just the bar! I think this was a bit too heavy for me and the form was a bit 💩 towards the end.🤪) . Do you want to have access to more amazing workouts create by me, get results and win $2000 in prizes and cash? . Well… then, come join the next 4 Weeks to Fit Challenge! Early bird pricing is ending soon, so you better hurry💨💨💨 . To join go to- (Link on bio) . DM if u have any questions . Outfit by @officialbetterbodies Fueled by @Dymatize

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An awesome Booty mini circuit you can do this 4th of July before heading off to the festivities!🥳🇺🇲🍻🍔 . Video 1- Single Leg Banded Hip Thrust (Tip- Keep the band below the knee on the non working leg) . Video 2- Sumo Deadlift (Tip- If training from home, you can use a dumbbell instead) . Video 3- In and Out Banded Jumps (Tip- Go as low as possible on the squat and push your knees out) . I did 4 rounds of 10-15 Reps of each exercise. 💪 . This is the type of workout u can expect to find in the 4 Weeks to Fit Challenge. (Low impact modifications offered for postpartum moms as well as moms with Diastasis Diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues) . ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT TO JOIN THE 4 WEEKS TO FIT CHALLENGE!! . TO JOIN GO TO: (Link on bio) . Bands and outfit by @officialbetterbodies Workout fueled by @dymatize

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