Ahmed Kathrada was admitted to the hospital more than a week ago.(SABC)

President Jacob Zuma has extended well wishes to struggle veteran Ahmed Kathrada who is recovering in hospital after an operation to remove a blood clot on the brain.

Zuma extends good wishes to 87-year-old Kathrada and urges South Africans to keep the struggle veteran in their thoughts.

Kathrada was admitted to the hospital more than a week ago.

He is one of the vocal stalwarts about the direction the ruling African National Congress (ANC) had taken in recent years.

Speaking on AM Live Director of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Nishan Bolton says his progress is not as fast as we would have liked it to have been.

“There have been some complications which have led to his long stay in hospital. Uncle Kathy contracted a bout of pneumonia, which has now been treated.”

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Publish date : 15 March 2017 | 6:00 am

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