Kenya: Drama As Miraa Chewing Man Strips Naked After Climbing 60 Metre Mast - Photos

A young man caused a stir on Sunday morning, when he scaled a Safaricom mast next to a church, in Majengo area, Embu town and started chewing miraa (khat).

Mr Anthony Murimi first climbed up a high perimeter wall that is ringed with electric wires before scaling the 60-metre mast.

Efforts by police and members of public, who had gathered at the base of the mast, to plead with him fell on deaf ears, prompting police to cock their guns. Still undeterred, he stayed put.

According to Mr Muchiri Kirengo, a security guard with Hatari Guards who secure the mast, Mr Murimi arrived at 3.30am and started scaling the installation, prompting the alarm to go off.

"He had climbed up to about 30 metres when we spotted him. We called the police who arrived immediately but that only made him climb higher," Mr Kirengo narrated.


The man, who hails from Dallas area, he then stripped his clothes which he threw at the police, to the shock of the onlookers.

And when members of Meru Disaster Management Unit arrived at the scene, Mr Murimi threatened to jump off the mast.

It took several minutes of talk by a member of the team to persuade him to descend.

The man, who was shivering uncontrollably, then agreed to descend but the fire fighters secured him with ropes to the mast so that he could reach the ground safely.

He was immediately whisked away by police officers on an ambulance to the Embu Level Five Hospital for medical treatment.

Embu OCS Amina Abdi said the man would be charged in court.


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