Detainees in Juba jail break drama

Detainees in Juba jail break drama

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South Sudan security authorities were Sunday battling to regain control of a military detainees attempting to escape from prison.

Police spokesman Daniel Justin confirmed that Captain Kerbino Wol Agok broke out of the detention cell, but was unable to escape.

He explained that the professional military man had managed to disarm some prison guards and used the weapons grabbed from them to blast his way out.

"Captain Kerbino mobilised criminals in the detention and established a force of 15 people, taking over one part of the prison cell where he forced them into human shield to protect him from our forces," Mr Justin said.

He said Kerbino seized seven weapons from the guards and gave them to the prisoners willing to fight.

Mr Justin further said the security forces were engaging Kerbino and his men in a gun battle, while also urging them to surrender.

"The weapons taken by Kerbino belonged to prison guards and assorted knives from court exhibits store next to the prison," Mr Justin said, adding that most of those weapons were confiscated from criminals.

Kerbino was arrested in June this year and held in detention without charges.

Some intelligence sources revealed that he was arrested for plotting a coup against the government.


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