South Africa: No Equality, No Peace - Ramaphosa

South Africa: No Equality, No Peace - Ramaphosa

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President Cyril Ramaphosa at the 8th Desmond Tutu International Peace Lecture.

"Peace is not possible in an unequal world," President Cyril Ramaphosa said at the 8 th Annual Desmond Tutu International Peace Lecture in Cape Town on Monday night.

Ramaphosa did not say a word about under-fire Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene, but focused on the topic at hand with emphasis on economic and gender inequality as a means to achieve peace.

"We cannot speak of true freedom when 10% of the population has more wealth than 90% combined," Ramaphosa said.

"Until we build a South Africa where the wealth is shared among all the people and the land is shared among all who work it, we will not have lasting peace," Ramaphosa said.

He said the efforts to radically transform the economy to make it more inclusive, is located within the restorative justice Archbishop Emeritus Demond Tutu dedicated his life to.

"Truth and reconciliation will not be complete until we acknowledge inequality and take steps to remedy it."

He said when he points out that those who benefited from apartheid has a responsibility to help to address inequality, some of them go and hide in dark corners.

He said the income inequality between black and white, and men and women, must be addressed.

The land question must be addressed so that there is peace and prosperity for all, he added.

"The taking of land from our people was not a peaceful process. It introduced violence," he said.

Ramaphosa said as the land issue reared its head, some people suggested it was manufactured by politicians.

"No, its time has come," he said.

"So, it is in the interest of social justice and economic development that we ensure that the land is shared among those who work it and need it."

He said gender relations in the country must be fundamentally reformed.

"We cannot tolerate social norms and traditional practices that diminish the equal rights and equal worth of women."

"We must rid ourselves of gender violence."

He said discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation should not be tolerated.

Ramaphosa said he remains concerned about the "scourge of violence" affecting various communities.

"Peace should be about justice and fairness," Ramaphosa said. "Peace should be about respecting the human rights of every human."

The packed Artscape theatre gave Ramaphosa a standing ovation.

The lecture was delivered a day after Tutu's 87 th birthday on Sunday. Due to his ill-health he was not in attendance, but is believed to have watched proceedings in hospital.

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