Former Golden Arrows coach Clinton Larsen feels they underachieved during his time there – News

Larsen inspired Arrows to top-eight finishes on two occasions in the past.

“We basically decided to part ways. I think it’s time, three years at the club. It’s time maybe for them to take a new direction, new leadership, new ideas,” Larsen said.

“I don’t think we’ve achieved what I wanted to or what the chairlady [Mato Madlala] wanted to, so we sat down and decided maybe the timing is right to bring someone new with fresh ideas, with maybe a different approach. But I’ve only got good memories, three good years with the team.

“I can’t say anything went wrong, just one or two results. In my last nine games we only lost twice. So it’s a lot of draws, but we can’t say anything went wrong.” 

Larsen did not have a big budget at the club, so he had to rely on promoting youngsters from the team’s development and the team’s Multichoice Diski Challenge (MDC) side. Over the years he gave young players an opportunity to shine in the big league. 

“We’ve got a very young team. We were number one in terms of promoting players from the Diski and right up until I left we had young boys. So for me I don’t think anything went wrong. Like I said, we both felt maybe the full potential of the team is not being reached, and I understand it’s time for somebody else.”

Larsen, meanwhile, said he has not been approached by any clubs. 

“No, I only parted ways yesterday, so you know my agent is handling everything. I will wait and see if anything comes up, but I’m in no rush. I will wait and play it by ear.”


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Author : Sipho Mlotha

Publish date : 2018-12-28 08:56:54

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