Mozambique: Prime Minister Visits Flood Victims

Maputo — Mozambican Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario on Friday visited two accommodation centres in the central city of Beira, that are currently sheltering about 3,700 victims of the floods that struck the city on Tuesday, in the wake of cyclone Desmond.

273 millimetres of rain fell in less than 24 hours. Other districts in Sofala province also suffered, and a total of 43,000 people are regarded as affected. The damage included the destruction of 881 houses, 10 classrooms and 19 boats. There are six accommodation centres in Beira, housing 5,801 people.

Rosario visited the Matadouro and Mungassa centres, which are about 20 kilometres from the centre of the city. He told the flood victims that President Filipe Nyusi had sent him “to see the conditions here and to tell you we are with you in your suffering. We came here to see what the provincial authorities are doing and what we, as the central government can do to help. We want the situation to be normalised quickly”.

In a short statement to the press, the Prime Minister said “all joint efforts must be made to avoid any further suffering”.

Rosario confirmed that food aid is guaranteed to the flood victims, who are each receiving three meals a day. There is a supply of clean water in all the centres, latrines have been dug, and medical teams are present.

The flood victims are expected to stay in the centres for a further 15 days. During this period, large amounts of food, plus hygiene and health kits will be needed.

Addressing a meeting of the Sofala Emergency Operational Centre (COE) after his visits to the accommodation centres, Rosario urged society at large to support the campaign that has been launched in solidarity with the flood victims.

“At this time, people of good will are called upon to act”, he declared. “We are all called upon to act and show our solidarity. Let us give the little we have in order to support other Mozambicans who are in difficulties”.

The Sofala provincial governor, Alberto Mondlane, told the meeting that foodstuffs and health kits are available, thanks to a prompt response to the call for solidarity from the local government itself and cooperation partners.


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Publish date : 2019-01-28 16:06:33

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