Mali: Nearly 100 Die in Attack On Dogon Village

About 100 Malians have been killed in an overnight attack on an ethnic Dogon village, officials say. Fighting between Dogon hunters and Fulani herders has intensified in recent months.

Gunmen attacked a central Malian village inhabited by the Dogon community overnight to Monday and killed dozens of people, a local official and a security source have said.

“Right now we have 95 dead civilians. The bodies are burned; we are continuing to look for others, ” an official in Koundou district told the news agency Agence France-Presse.

A security source at the massacre site in the village of Sobane-Kou told AFP that “a Dogon village has been virtually wiped out.”

Turmoil and violence

Hundreds of Malians have died in fighting between Dogon hunters and Fulani herders since January. The growing violence led to the entire Malian government stepping down in April.

Mali has been in a state of violent unrest since Tuaregs and allied jihadis took over much of the country in an insurgency in 2012. Although French forces managed to push the rebels back the following year, the West African country has remained in turmoil since then.

tj/msh (AFP, Reuters)


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