Sudan: Thousands rally in memory of slain protesters

Sudanese protesters held rallies in memory of their slain comrades.

Hundreds of them gathered in several cities on Saturday to mourn protesters killed during the June 3 raid of a sit-in at the army headquarters in Khartoum.

Chanting “Blood for blood, we do not want compensation” and carrying banners demanding “Justice for the martyrs”, hundreds of people marched through the streets holding up photographs of slain protesters, according to witnesses who spoke to AFP by telephone.

Justice for the martyrs.

Rallies took place in the early afternoon in Central Madani and Al-Obeid, as well as in Port Sudan on the Red Sea.

136 people were killed on June 3 during brutal evacuation of protesters by armed men, according to a committee of doctors close to the protest. Officials said 71 people died.

Dozens of people had already been killed in deadly crackdown on protests launched on December 19 following a government’s decision to triple the price of bread.

The movement took a political twist as protesters demanded the resignation of long time leader, Omar al-Bashir.



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Publish date : 2019-07-14 06:44:00

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