There is a man in South Africa with 10 wives, two more have 9 wives

And in 2016 and 2017, there were 103 and 72, respectively, marriages which involved persons under 18 years. “This reality goes against the commitment we made as a country through the Southern African Development Community Protocol on Gender and Development which calls for ending child marriages.”An associated risk is child pregnancies leading to maternal deaths, said Motsoaledi.”There is a high number of young girls who die after falling pregnant because their bodies are not fully developed to be able to carry children.”Wives for hire and money scamsFraudulent marriages and marriages of convenience are also on the minister’s agenda.The home affairs department logged 2,132 cases of fraudulent marriages for investigation between April 2018 and May 2019, he said.”Of these 1,160 were found to be indeed fake and were annulled by the department.”But 646 were found to be legitimate, even though undesirable, meaning that they can only be annulled through a court process. These 646 cases are what we refer to as marriages of convenience. This happens between a South African and a non-South African. The South African, mostly a woman, is rewarded with huge sums of money and the non-South African gains easy citizenship through this marriage.”Commenting on the 1,160 fraudulent cases, he said some of these happen because of fraud syndicates consisting of home affairs officials and some marriage officers outside the department.”This practice used to be common mostly before 2013. Since 2013, each step in the marriage registration process is authenticated by the fingerprints of a home affairs official. This enables us to pinpoint exactly which official was engaged in malfeasance.”Other ways in which these fraudulent marriages take place is through identity theft where syndicates pose as employment agencies who ask people to hand over all their documentation with a promise of securing them a job.”We also have instances where there is duplicated identity where somebody is impersonating another.”Where a woman claims to have been married off without her knowledge, the department will expunge it at no cost to her if an investigation proves it to be fraudulent, the minister assured. !function(f,b,e,v,n,t,s)
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