China accuses Zimbabwe of understating developmental support

China has
accused the Zimbabwean government of understating the extent of its bilateral
support, after budget figures released last week ranked China lowly against
other countries.

minister Mthuli Ncube said last week that China had provided Zimbabwe with
US$3.6m in “development support” ranking it below the United States
and UK, who both provided US$50m. The EU has provided US$41m in support.

In the
wake of the budget, China’s embassy in Harare disputed the figure, saying in a
statement it was “very different from the situation on the ground.”

embassy said its records show that bilateral financial support to Zimbabwe
was far greater, at US$136.8m between the period of January and

embassy wishes that the relevant departments of the Zimbabwean government will
make comprehensive assessments on the statistics of bilateral supports and
accurately reflect its actual situation when formulating budget
statement,” it said in a statement.

response the Zimbabwean government tweeted:

Chinese embassy then responded: 


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Publish date : 2019-11-20 12:48:29

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