MINEPIA’s Sub-divisional Delegate of Douala II, Alain Ghomsi, commissioned the bureau of the cooperative at the Douala Central Market

Very few people are versed with scaling as a profession, talk less of even making use of such services as removing scales on fish or fur on the skin of slaughtered pig, goat or sheep at the market before heading home. Yet, making use of the services of scalers, which commands just a little amount of money, saves time and effort. Many housewives or cooks nowadays have their fish scaled or have the fur removed from slaughtered animals at the market they bought from before heading home. It avoids stress and waste of time if the housewife or cook were to personally scale the fish at home, especially if the quantity is large such as during wedding, anniversary, funeral, seminar or conference. In the Douala II Sub-division fish, pork, goat meat, mutton or “catanga” are mostly scaled, especially in the Fresh Fish Market in Youpwe, Marché des chevres and the Central Market, where they occupy the shores of the creek of the Wouri River, cold stores and meat slabs. With FCFA 200 or FCFA 1,000 a kilogramme or 10 of fish is scaled. To remove the fur and scale a slaughtered pig or goat costs between FCFA 1,000 and FCFA 3,000. Owing to suspicion from people who thought that those scaling were thieves, the need to organise themselves into officially recognised groups and cooperatives was indispensable. With this, the Cooperative des Eccailleurs, AIDES-Bouchers, Porcs-Bovins de Douala II was created to instil accountability and confidence. The Sub-Divisional Delegate of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries of Douala II (MINEPIA), Alain Ghomsi, commissioned into their functions the 10-man executive of the first-ever cooperative of people who scale fish across markets in the Douala II Sub-division, recently. “There is no small career; scaling fish and animals offers job to the jobless; we have determined to build with institutions, cooperatives or groups, not with individuals,” he pointed out. Cooperative President, Thierry Armand Ateba pledged his collaboration with administrative authorities and thanked colleagues for the confidence they have on him.

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Publish date : 15 March 2017 | 8:02 am

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