Cameroon: Viettel Cameroun S.A commit to strive for Cameroon people

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VIETTEL GLOBAL INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY, a company duly established and operating in Vietnam with headquarter domiciled at Level 39th and 40th, Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, Hanoi, Vietnam is currently the 70% majority shareholder, in joint venture with the 30% local shareholder Bestinver Cameroon S.A (Bestcam)with its promoter Mr. Baba Ahmadou Danpullo, of the telecommunication companyViettel Cameroun S.A (whose registered brand-name is Nexttel).

Being remained as an integral part of our business, Viettel Global Investment JSC and its Cameroon-based subsidiary Viettel Cameroun S.A commit to strive for Cameroon people, objecting all efforts to jeopardize the partnership, underestimate the investment and purportedly defaming our reputation.

Viettel Global Investment JSC and the Cameroon-based subsidiary Viettel Cameroun S.A commit for the benefit of the Cameroon people, bringing to this African country the advanced technologies,experienced telecommunication managerial advantages, creating jobs and respecting Cameroon's laws and regulations, Viettel Global Investment JSC,General Director cum Legal Representatvie, Mr.DO Manh Hung said in a statement, responding to current misleading information about false operation of the company and its Cameroon-based joint venture.

The truth is that Viettel Cameroun S.A, having inherited from the strong, standardized and sustainable investment of Viettel Global Investment JSC, has been growing dramatically since the commencement of telecommunication service four years ago, following the Convention of Concessionentered into with the Government of Cameroon in 2012. Until December 31st 2017, Viettel Global Investment JSC has invested successfully a total amount ofFCFA 201 billioninto Viettel Cameroun S.Ain the forms of investment capital (share capital, shareholder loans) and other types of commercial supports. Establishing the third telecommunication network in Cameroon and rolling out business operation, with the great support from Viettel Global Investment JSC, Viettel Cameroun S.A has quickly and successfullybuiltthe largestinfrastructure completely throughout the nation, with 2500 2G/3G stations and 8000 kilometres of optical cables.

Our local operator, Viettel Cameroun S.A, so far, has been incredibly growing in all shape and size. This telecommunications service provider now has 4,5 million subscribers, with the coverage erea spreading to most remote rural areas in Cameroon. Viettel Cameroun S.A is also the first company to provide 3G connection with the lowest prices in both inbound and outbound services, while also being the first one to provide mobile television application. Inheriting lots of advantages from its parent company, Viettel Cameroun S.A has achieved threeASCOM awards - the nation's most remarkable and reputable prize in telecommunications, namely"The best Internet service provider" (2015), "The best Internet service provider" (2016), and "The best mobile television application" (2016). These achievements benefit to not only Viettel Cameroun S.A but also the remaininglocal joint venture partner, Bestcam, as the company has been inheriting the technological, managerial advantages from the majority Vietnamese investor.

Until now, there have been approximate 100,000 Cameroonian get the stable employment by joining in the supply chains of Viettel Cameroun S.A. Among 1,000 employees working at Viettel Cameroun S.A, Cameroonian accounts for 94%, and 85% of the management team is local Cameroonian. The Vietnamese employees are working side by side with their local colleagues and trying to train and transfer technologies to the local collaborators.

Viettel Cameroun S.A employs 2000 mobile sales representatives (D2D) and possesses 80,000 sales points, with 90 authorised dealers, ensuring the most comfortable and easy access to all and every Cameroonian residents. Viettel Cameroun S.A is the network provider with the expertise and ability to transform the lives of its customers and prospects through technology innovation. Through its

aCameroon-based subsidiary,Viettel Global Investment JSC aims to provide the latest in experience and the latest technology to the people of Cameroon, which has beenflourishing the country's economy and creating more contribution to the society.

The Minister of Cameroonian Ministry of External Affairs, H.ELejeune Mbella Mbella admitted Viettel Cameroun S.A as a symbol for the success of the bilateral cooperation. Thesubsidiary created by Viettel Global Investment JSC in Cameroon is the largest, yet the fundamental project of Vietnam in Cameroon until now. Experts say, Viettel Cameroun S.A is the service provider that owns huge ability to excel the life of consumers into the next level by digital transformation as the company is pushing towards providing the most innovative technologies to Cameroonian. Therefore, there are numerous services of Viettel Cameroun S.A being provided and operated in Cameroon such as telecommunication services, Internet and others. Besides, the project also invests in building telecommunication infrastructure, cable television and digital terrestrial television facilities in Cameroon.

As a part of Viettel Global Investment JSC's business philosophy, Viettel Cameroun S.A has been operating many corporate social responsibility projects in order to give a hand for the development of Cameroon. One of the most prominent ones is the Nexttel Healthcare Program, initiated by Viettel Cameroun S.A since 2016 until now. With the total expense up to 20 million FCFA per annum, the program aims to offer free healthcare service for all underprivileged people living across the rural area in Cameroon. For nationwide coverage, Viettel Cameroun S.A joins hand with a charitable healthcare organization with 60 doctors, along with the support from local governments to offer free health check and healthcare service for 15,000 Cameroonians until now.

All regions that Nexttel Healthcare Program sets their foot on see a real festival atmosphere - lively, hopeful and cheering, as all the residents there are offered free healthcare services, free medicine, whilst being able to help the community by activities such as cleaning up the surrounding environment. Also, they are equipped with essential information and knowledge on taking care of their own health, especially in preventing malaria. The program has been admitted to be successful in term of the humane message and effectiveness in making the good for the Cameroonian society, whilst emphasizing the brand among their audiences.

Viettel Global Investment JSC and its Cameroon-based subsidiary Viettel Cameroun S.A have been working hard and tirelessly for the benefits of the nation and the people of Cameroon. All the efforts to defame the Vietnamese investor, to jeopardize the partnership in the joint venture and threat the investment of Viettel Global Investment JSC will trample up the Cameroonian Government's effort in attracting foreign capability, especially investment from Asia, for economic recovery and social revival, and that also is a hazardous action to damage national benefits of Cameroon./.


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