Cameroon: FEICOM – President Biya Empowers Local Dev’t Institution

The Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance is henceforth empowered to better carry out its missions.

President Paul Biya in decree N°. 2018/635 of 31 October 2018 reorganised the Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance (FEICOM) aligning the institution to the laws governing public and semi-public institutions and enabling it play the assigned role in accelerating the ongoing decentralisation process in Cameroon.

The decree brings in key innovations compared to the decree N° 2002/365 of 11 December 2000 further amended and supplemented by Decree N° 2006/182 of 31 May 2006.

Structure:Just as with previous decrees, President Paul Biya specifies that FEICOM has legal personality and financial autonomy. The decree of October 31, 2018 however, states that it is a State-owned institution of economic and financial nature.

One of the key innovations contained in the decree is that fact agencies of FEICOM can be opened in other parts of the country when need arises by the decision of the Board of Administrators.

Missions: FEICOM now has missions that take into consideration the decentralisation process in Cameroon. The global mission assigned the institution is to contribute to the harmonious development of all Local Government structures that are local Councils and Regions based on the principles of national solidarity and inter-regional and inter-council balance in relations with the public administrations concerned. In the taxes FEICOM has to centralise and redistribute, the decree of October 31, 2018 makes provisions for Regions.

Another key mission of the institution is to pay the salaries of the Presidents and members of the bureaus of Regions, as well as local council executives. Concerning the General Decentralisation Fund, FEICOM henceforth has the duty to pay it out to beneficiary regions, councils, Council and City Council trade unions in accordance with government’s decision.

Supervisory Authorities: In the decree of March 2, 2018 creating the new Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development, Pre sident Paul Biya clearly stated that FEICOM was placed under the technical supervisory authority of that Ministry. He reiterated the task in the decree reorganising FEICOM. As in the previous decrees, the President of the Republic confirmed the Ministry of Finance as the financial supervisory authority of the institution.

What is new is the fact that the mission of each of the supervisory authorities is clearly spelled out in different ar ticles. Article 6 states that the two supervisory ministries in collaboration with the Board of Administrators oversee the performance of FEICOM.

Management: The positions of Board Chairman, Members of the board, General Manager and Deputy General Manager are aligned to the laws governing public establishments.

The number of board members have increased from nine to 12 because two representatives of associations of regions have been included and the number of representatives of association of council increased to two.

The new decree makes it clear that the term of office of General Manager and Deputy General Manager is three years renewable twice and cumulatively must not go beyond nine years. There is also the creation of Internal Contracts Commission in FEICOM.


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