Cameroon-India Relation – Resident Mission Soonest

Future High Commissioner has been proposed, approved by the Cameroon government and work on practical setting up modalities are on going.

The Indian High Commissioner to Cameroon with residence in Abuja, Nigeria, Abahy Tahkur has announced that the Indian Resident Mission will be established in Cameroon’s capital, Yaounde in the coming days. After talks with Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Joseph Dion Ngute at the Star Building on April 9, 2019, Abahy Tahkur disclosed to the press that, “We discussed a very positive and favourable development that has happened between our two friendly countries.

It is the establishment of the resident mission of India in Yaounde.” He said that they have received excellent cooperation from the government of Cameroon. In detail, he said, formal proposals including the name of the future High Commissioner of India to Cameroon resident in Yaounde was made in February 2019 and was approved by the government of Cameroon within a few weeks. Concerning his visit to Cameroon, Abahy Tahkur said, “I am here on some of the practical aspects of the opening of the mission like finalizing property and recruiting some personnel.”

He also used the talks with the Prime Minister to discuss bilateral relations, especially in the fields of capacity building and India -Africa Summit forum scholarships that run from the undergraduate, post graduate and masters levels. The High Commission further said, that he used the opportunity to inform the Prime Minister of certain liberalization in India’s visa scheme including business visas and e-visas that can be obtained by Cameroonians starting from last month.

He said the opening of the mission will further consolidate cooperation in the fields of capacity building, busi ness exchanges and also development of assistance programmes. India has had a consulate in Cameroon for 28 years which has functioned well, he said. “A resident mis sion will act as a facilitator, catalyst for closer collaboration.

We will be able to bring educational and development assistance opportunities to government and stakeholders. It will add a fresh impetus to our cooperation,” he stated. He was accompanied to the Prime Minister’s Office by the Indian Honorary Consul to Cameroon, Ravi Kumar.


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