Cameroon: Peace, Security, Stability in NW, SW – Concerted Involvement of All!

Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute’s visits to the two regions have ignited hope that the much-talked about dialogue could make a difference in the irking upheaval.

SObservably, Cameroonians from North to South and East to West are fed up with the upheavals that have regrettably found a soft spot in the North West and South West Regions for close to three years now. Almost all of them, irrespective of the cultural and linguistic backgrounds are of the opinion that the situation has dragged on for too long and must end. Dialogue, it is unanimously agreed, has the magic wand to mend the fences, although proponents may vary on the approach and the topics to debate on when the table is finally set.

Ever since the Head of State’s envoy, Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, toured the uneasy North West and South West Regions crusading for peace, many are Cameroonians who have, in their respective spheres of influence, been toeing the line, pleading for celerity in all that is being planned for priceless peace and serenity to rapidly return to the now troubled regions. Hopes were further heightened by his announcement that “President Paul Biya is prepared for dialogue and it needs people who are representative enough…

Apart from separation, the President is ready for discussions on all other topics of national interest… ” The manner of approach of the Head of Government, the places he went to and the people he held talks with, both in the North West and South West Regions, demonstrated the goodwill of the Head of State to iron out differences, create a conducive environment for all and sundry to have a sense of belonging and uphold the unity of the nation bequeathed to him by the founding fathers. People who live together must have differences but the manner in resolving them might even transform stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Feelings of superiority and inferiority; all cooked around daily happenings, are detrimental in a society with shared values like Cameroon.

Equitable development can kill the enemy of division imbibed in the above vices. President Paul Biya’s actions since the start of the upheavals have demonstrated a strong resolve to hold unto what unites his people for com mon good. And his conviction, expressed during his investiture on November 6, 2018 that “… I have no doubt whatsoever that the destiny of our compatriots in the North West and South West lies within our Republic,” portrays him as a father who wouldn’t want to throw away the baby with the bath water. Underlining that, “with the support of the Cameroonian people as a whole and convinced that there is an honourable way out in everyone’s interest,

I will strive to restore peace and calm in the two regions concerned, with due respect for the institutions of which I am guarantor,” is thus a clarion call for concerted involvement of all Cameroonians of goodwill. The Prime Minister telling citizens in Bamenda that “I am therefore in the North West to appeal to community leaders and all to join the government to work for a return to the good old days of good education and peace in the North West Region,” was like a wakeup call. Visibly, the call has been heard and anxiety is mounting in almost all quarters for the much-awaited dialogue.

The fire of hope has therefore been lit and the flames are on, with all praying the dialogue yields good fruits for people in the two troubled regions to once again go about their daily activities unperturbed, for children to go to school unharmed, for gunshots which are almost customary there to cease from deafening the ears of inhabitants and generally for the fear of the unknown to be a thing of the past.

For, fear cripples all! For the dream to come true, all must show proof of selflessness, love for country and a determination to pass unto future generations a better Cameroon than what we all inherited, united in its diversity and prosperous in all its forms. A Cameroon in which all are judged on what they can offer and not the language they speak, cultural background or who they know. Since there is unanimity on the need to resolve the crisis, concerted involvement of all is vital.


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Publish date : 2019-06-11 14:24:31

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