Cameroon: Back-to-School – Senator Nkeze Emilia Donates to IDPs

The Vice President of the Senate made donations of books and other didactic materials to internally displaced students Ngie and Oshie in Yaounde.

In her efforts to bridging the literacy gap in the two English-speaking regions of the country in the wake of the social-political, the Vice President of the Senate, Senator Nkeze Emilia of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party has donated school materials to some internally displaced students of the North West Region in Yaounde. She handed the materials to parents and students of Ngie and Oshie, Momo Divison of the North West Region during the Ngie general meeting in Yaounde. The Senator of the Momo Constituency handed the gifts in two separate occasions, starting with the Ngie population and concluding with the people of Oshie at the Oshie Cultural Centre located in the Mendong neighbourhood. Handing over the items comprising books, pens, pencils, rulers, school bags, raincoats and maths set, the Senate Vice President stated that her goal is eradicating illiteracy among all without discrimination and living closely with internally displaced persons. “Listen, I was once like you, but see what schooling has turned me into. My plan is fighting illiteracy without discrimination. While the privileged children have the right to school during crisis situations, those of the poor should equally have, especially with my support. I stand to bridge the gap for these groups of persons,” she stated. Senator Nkeze Emilia said she is not at ease when pupils and students of her subdivision in particular and her region in general stay at home while others are embarking on their educational careers. “What future and legacy do we want to secure for our children,” she wondered, adding that schooling helps students gain knowledge on management and administration for the growth of the community and nation. In her opinion, leaders are best educated in the classrooms with education being the bedrock of general reasoning. As the people’s representative, Senator Emilia listened to the plights of the population and exchanged community development ideas with them as she preached the gospel of schooling.


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Publish date : 2019-08-21 14:21:47

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