Egypt: Mutwalli, Hussein Discuss Situation of Sudanese in Egypt

Khartoum — The Secretary General of the Sudanese Organ for Sudanese working abroad Affairs, Ambassador Issam Awad Mutwalli met in his office with Dr. Hussein Mohamed Osman, the head of the Supreme Council of the Sudanese Community in Egypt, in the presence of Ahmed Osman Abdulla, the Director General of the communities in the organ.

The meeting discussed the situation and the issues of the Sudanese community in Egypt the scientific and practical steps to address them, and the progress of the educational process for the Sudanese community.

Ahmed Osman, explained the guiding list of the communities, which was established in 2015 as a general framework for the formation of Sudanese communities abroad.

On his part, Dr. Hussein has praised the efforts exerted by the expatriate organ in sponsoring the Sudanese expatriates, its concern with seeking to find effective solutions in coordination with the relevant authorities.

He indicated the diversity of the Sudanese community in Egypt, noting to the need for speeding up the process of the identity documents.

He called for establishing a Sudanese cultural center in the Republic of Egypt to link the current generations with the history and culture of Sudan, and the work for the organization of cultural trips to the children of Sudanese living in Egypt.

He noted to the roles being played by the Sudanese embassy in Cairo, revealing the establishment of a new Sudanese school, in addition to the existing two schools, referring to the roles played by Sudanese clubs and civil society organizations in Egypt.


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Publish date : 2019-08-22 08:43:12

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