Rose Namajunas defends title in five round slugfest with Joanna Jędrzejczyk

Rose Namajunas defends title in five round slugfest with Joanna Jędrzejczyk

Rose Namajunas survives rematch with Joanna Jędrzejczyk to retain her title at UFC 223.

Rose Namajunas defeated Joanna Jędrzejczyk via unanamous decision (49-46 x3) at UFC 223 on Saturday, April 7.

This is the second fight for the pair, with Namajunas defeating the reigning champion in just the first round.

“I pulled through,” Namajunas said in the Octagon after the fight. “She’s right that weight cut did kinda mess her up that first time, but I’m just better.”


Round 1

All eyes were on the main event when Jędrzejczyk and Namajunas faced off once again and with a denied glove tap, the fight was on. Namajunas struck first with a jab to Jędrzejczyk’s face, but Jędrzejczyk answered right back and the tension was high. Jędrzejczyk was moving quickly about the canvas, but Namajunas looked more relaxed and poised. The pair was trading shots pretty equally throughout the first half of the round, with neither woman appearing to outstrike the other. With under two minutes left in the round, this bout has already lasted longer than the first. Jędrzejczyk suffered two hard rights from Namajunas but remained on her feet, though unable to counter as Namajunas was able to get quickly out of her strike zone. The round ended with Namajunas holding Jędrzejczyk against the cage.

Round 2

Namajunas entered the second round with her hands down taunting Jędrzejczyk into a combination which saw Jędrzejczyk visibly affected. Namajunas was able to stay out of Jędrzejczyk’s range while still landing massive power shots to the former champion. Jędrzejczyk, unable to strike with her hands, moves to her legs and begins to break down Namajunas’s legs. Fortunately for Namajunas, she was able to take that time to land combinations on Jędrzejczyk, who was appearing to fade. The fight moved into the clinch briefly, and Jędrzejczyk complained of an eye poke, but the ref didn’t stop the fight and Namajunas continued her dominance. With just 30 seconds left the pair fought into the clinch, with Namajunas in control as the round ended.

Round 3

The third round saw an early clip which nearly dropped Jędrzejczyk, and the crowd went wild. She was able to recover quickly and the fight continued.Jędrzejczyk did appear to be wearing down Namajuna’s front leg but was it going to be enough to defeat the new champion? The tension increased as the clock wound down, both women throwing massive shots, though it was Namajunas who was landing more. Jędrzejczyk was certainly the aggressor in terms of leg kicks and it appeared as though Jędrzejczyk might be shifting into a better position.

Round 4

The first of the championship rounds began with Jędrzejczyk landing even more kicks, clearly the money maker in this bout. As the round continued we began to see Jędrzejczyk winning the exchanges due to the leg kicks from the previous rounds. Namajunas was unable to slide as easily as she was prior due to a massively damaged lead leg. Round four ended with a clear win for Jędrzejczyk.

Round 5

The final round opened with the former champions eye nearly swollen shut and Namajunas’s leg decimated. Each woman likely had won two rounds which made the fifth and final round critical for whoever was going to walk home with the belt. Jędrzejczyk, desperate to get her belt back, was throwing for the fences while Namajunas was eagerly avoiding those strikes. Namajunas appeared to be taking advantage of the blocked vision of Jędrzejczyk and landed left hooks over and over to Jędrzejczyk’s face. With just under a minute left Namajunas appeared to take back control of the exchanges and landed a huge takedown with just 15 seconds on the clock. The final bell ended with the pair on the ground.

The judges absolutely had their work cut out for them tonight.

This is the second back-to-back fight between Namajunas and Jędrzejczyk who faced off for the first time at UFC 217. Namajunas defeated the formerly undefeated champion, Jędrzejczyk, via a shocking first-round KO that left many fans and critics wondering if Namajunas just got lucky.

Now we know.

Namajunas has now extended her win streak to three, and successfully defended her title for the first time.


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