Eritrea: Massawa – Environmental Sanitation Popular Campaign

Massawa — Extensive environmental sanitation popular campaign has been conducted in the port city of Massawa in connection with the 29th anniversary of the commemoration of Operation Fenkil.

Stating that the machinery supported popular campaign was conducted in Tiwalet, Center of Massawa, Edaga, Kutmiya, Grar, Kabo Marta, Hitmlo, Emkulu as well as at the seashores of Massawa, Mr. Yemane Fessehazion, head of Law and Order at the Municipality of Massawa, commended the residents and civil servants as well as national organizations for their participation.

Mr. Yemane pointing the significance of community based sanitation activities in ensuring the health of the public reminded that the activity should not be limited to events and must be carried out regularly. Mr. Yemane further expressed expectation that the public will enhance participation in the successful commemoration of the national holiday by demonstrating the noble societal values and hospitality.

The 29th anniversary of Operation Fenkil will be commemorated from 8-10 February under the theme “Operation Fenkil: Epitome of Heroic History!”


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Publish date : 2019-02-07 08:30:27

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