Eritrea: Commendable Soil and Water Conservation Activities

Mendefera — Extensive water and soil conservation activities aimed at redressing the environment and enhancing productivity are being conducted in 22 administrative areas of Areza sub zone, report indicates.

According to Mr. Mihretu Araya, head of Agriculture office in the sub zone, residents of Areza sub zone in cooperation with the Ministry of Education branch are involved in the construction of 148 hectares of terraces and 886 hectares of water diversion schemes.

Mr. Mebrahtu went on to say that the construction of the water diversion schemes has witnessed commendable involvement of the residents of the administrative areas of Adi-Kemesho, Adi Gulti and Adi Belsey and called for strong participation of the public in water and soil conservation activities in their areas.


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Publish date : 2019-04-02 09:11:48

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