Eritrea: Nuew President Calls for Reinforced Organizational Capacity

Assab — President of the National Union of Eritrean Women, Ms. Teke’aTesfamicael called on members to reinforce organizational capacity aimed at enhancing their contribution in the nation building endeavors. The call was made at a meeting conducted with members of NUEW branch in Assab region.

Ms. Teke’a further reminded members to take advantage of the educational and vocational training opportunities created for them and upgrade their skills and knowledge and thereby increase their contribution in the development programs.

Pointing out that economic and educational support provided to women by the NUEW and partners emanates from recognition of the role of women in the society; Ms. Teke’a called on the public to exert effort to nurture children with the noble societal values and culture.

Reminding participants that the prevailing era of peace calls for extra effort and perseverance, Ms. Tekea, called on women to play due role in the implementation of the set out national development programs.

The participants on their part, called for organizing more vocational trainings as well as create mechanism aimed at encouraging women enhance participation in education and other schemes focusing the development of women.


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Publish date : 2019-04-16 08:42:24

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