Eritrea: Elections of Reconciliation Committees

Massawa — Elections of reconciliation committees and community magistrates was conducted in the 15 administrative areas of Foro sub-zone from 10 April to 1 May and that 7 community magistrates and 33 reconciliation committees were elected to serve in seven community courts.

The administrator of the sub-zone, Mr. Osman Arafa indicated that the awareness raising programs that have been conducted prior to the elections have significant contribution in the successful implementation of the elections. Mr. Osman expressed expectation that the newly elected will deliver timely and effective administrative and legal service to the public based on the noble societal values.

Likewise, elections of area administrators, managing directors and village coordinators have been conducted in the administrative areas of Mentai, Ad-Kukuy, Diluk, Hirkok, Megawuda, Koriet and Gerger, Mesnura sub-zone.

Mr. Yemane Tesfamicael, administrator of the sub-zone called on the newly elected to provide timely and effective service to the people that elected them.

The newly elected on their part expressed readiness to diligently serve the public that have bestowed trust on them.


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Publish date : 2019-05-16 09:25:50

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