Eritrea: Seminar to Members of 33rd National Service

Sawa — The D. G. of General Education at the Ministry of Education, Mr. Musa Husein Naib conducted seminar to members of the 33rd national service on 5 October focusing on the investment being made on education vis-à-vis the challenges being encountered.

Indicating that education and work are the main instruments in the effort to ensure social justice, Mr. Musa said that the objective of the huge investment being made on education is to nurture a society equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill and that encouraging result is being registered.

Regarding the expansion of educational facilities and teaching-learning process, Mr. Musa said that establishing educational facilities at the remote areas of the country attests to the effort being made to ensure social justice.

Indicating that all the investments made in the country are targeting the youth, Mr. Russom Gebrehiwet, Director of Warsai-Yikealo School, and Col. Debesai Ghide, Commander of the National Service Training Center, called on the students to take advantage of the opportunities provided and ensure their future.


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Publish date : 2019-10-10 08:59:09

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