Ethiopia: Addis Joins Mega-Cities Partnership

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Addis Abeba joined the Mega-Cities Partnership Program last week to analyse and control air pollution health risks.

The project is designed to assist the city's environmental bureau in making definitive conclusions on the priority emissions sources it should control. Coupling those ambient pollutant measurements with techniques to estimate the baseline health and environmental effects, as well as other economic implications are also considered.

The air pollution in Addis Abeba is mainly caused by the exhaust from vehicles and the industries that encircle the city, according to the study conducted by the Authority.

The city has currently three air quality control towers.

"We have finalised collecting essential data to implement air quality control," said Alemi Assefa, head of the Addis Abeba Environmental Protection Authority. "We will get into implementation by the end of next year," she added.

The partnership includes data collection and review, air quality management training and communications and development of an air quality management plan for the capital.

The project is supported by experts from the United Nations and the US's primary environmental agency.


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Publish date : 2018-10-08 10:14:19
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