Ethiopia Witnesses Enhanced Diplomatic Activities Due to AU Summit

Addis Ababa — Ethiopia has witnessed enhanced diplomatic activities last week due to the African Union Summit that the country has hosted, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The Summit that gathers leaders and high level officials from member countries as well as leaders of international organizations has provided a good opportunity for the country in enhancing its diplomatic activities.

Briefing journalists about the weekly diplomatic activities of the country, Spokesperson of the Ministry, Nebiat Getachew said Ethiopia has achieved better performance in the diplomatic areas during the 32nd African Union session.

He said that the bilateral discussions held with countries and international organizations have helped to enhance bilateral and multilateral relations.

Nebiat said the week can be considered as successful in the diplomatic sphere, mentioning that the President, Prime Minister and other government officials held a number of discussions with countries and international organizations.

Ethiopia has gained appreciation from the African Union particularly for the bill aimed at supporting refugees that it ratified last month.

The AU Session noted that the bill is an exemplary action for other African countries and beyond in introducing inclusive development program that take refugees into consideration, he added.

The spokesperson mentioned that, different participants of the session including Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres have appreciated the law.

The sweeping reforms that the country has introduced and the normalization of relations with Eritrea are the other issues that Ethiopia is praised, Nebiat said.

The diplomatic activities that the country has been conducted brought fruit as it is helping the nation to return its citizens, who have not been in good conditions back home, Nebiat said.


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Publish date : 2019-02-15 09:24:32

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