Ethiopia: Ministry Prepares First-Ever Mineral Policy for Ethiopia

Addis Ababa — Ministry of Mines and Petroleum said it has tabled today the first-ever national draft mineral policy for discussion with stakeholders.

The policy aims at enhancing the development of the mineral sector in the country.

State Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Assefa Kumsa said on the occasion Ethiopia has no mining policy but only law and regulations.

Laws and regulations are not complete without policy, he said, adding that a mining policy will help develop the trust of foreign investors and companies in particular.

Assefa, who noted that attention has been given to gold and metals, explained that the policy will provide directions on exploiting other minerals for development.

The state minster recalled that the country’s agricultural led industrialization policy focuses on agriculture and manufacturing sectors, and noted that the policy will help achieve the structural change envisioned by making use of the huge potential of minerals.

The policy also gives due attention to organizing and enhancing the capacity of traditional gold miners, he further stated.

Stakeholders, along with the ministry, were involved in the drafting process of the policy in the last three months, it was learned

The draft policy will be submitted to the Council of Ministers for ratification within a month.


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Publish date : 2019-03-21 08:07:31

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