Ethiopia: Some 21 Nat’l Political Parties to Establish Solidarity Forum

Addis Ababa — Some 21 national political parties have formed a provisional committee that aspires to create a national solidarity forum.

Briefing journalists today, Committee Chairman Tigistu Awelu claimed that the existing ethnic and language-based federalism has shaken the country’s unity, leading to the displacement of many.

One of the objectives of the committee is, therefore, to establish a solidarity forum for parties that unilaterally struggles the prevalence of democracy and human rights, he elaborated.

According to him, replacing the existing federal arrangement with provincial structure can guarantee national unity and development.

However, Tigistu stated that there will be room to consider alternatives other than the provincial structure.

The newly formed committee will exert efforts towards bringing all concerned individuals and institutions to create a national solidarity forum, it was indicated.

The structural alternative to replace existing federalism was initiated by the “Union of Ethiopian Provinces” and supported by 21 national political parties, according to a press release distributed at the press conference.


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Publish date : 2019-03-21 07:57:26

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