Ethiopia: Security Institutions Ordered to Take Legal, Proportionate Measures Against Peace Disruptors

Addis Ababa — The National Security Council of Ethiopia has ordered federal and regional security institutions to take the necessary, legal and proportionate measures against the destructive forces that created havoc around Kemisse and the surrounding areas.

The council issued a statement today, following the disruption of peace all over in the country in general and the outrageous acts around the border of North Shoa Zone and Oromia Special Zone in the Amhara Regional State in particular.

Expressing its profound sadness over the death of citizens, the National Security Council said the damages caused to life and property is unacceptable by any means.

Consequently, the federal and regional security institutions were ordered to take measures to stabilize the hotspot areas and defend the wellbeing of residents, the statement stressed.

A team comprised of federal and regional institutions has been engaged in the conflict areas to investigate the cause of the unrests and bring troublemakers to justice.

The statement further warned ant-peace elements to refrain from their acts, saying that they have been fueling the quarrel by using the mainstream and social media and characterizing the problems as those between the peoples.

Moreover, it noted that keeping the rule of law and wellbeing of citizens are the major responsibilities of the government that will not tolerate any violence in the country.


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Publish date : 2019-04-16 13:29:24

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