Ethiopia: Prominent Poet Dies in Addis Ababa

Mohamud Abdullahi Isse Sangub, famous Somali playwriter, songwriter and actor passed away in the Ethiopian capital on Tuesday.

Somali poet Hersi Duh, confirmed his death to the Somali media today Tuesday.

According to sources, he will be given a state funeral in Jigjiga, the capital of Somali regional state in Ethiopia.

The 75 years old was born in Dhagax Bur in former Ogadenia region in Ethiopia in 1944.

He composes more than 40 interesting plays and countless songs.

He lived in the United States before returning to Djibouti and then Somalia where he lived the remaining part of his life following the controversial play “Qabyo” that showcased the challenges of Somalis in the Diaspora.


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Publish date : 2019-06-19 08:50:39

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