Ghana: A Building Code’s Timely Launch

The launch of the Ghana Building Code in Accra yesterday by His Excellency Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, the Vice President of the Republic, has come in as good news to all operators in the building and construction industry.

Even for those who do not operate directly in this industry, the launch is of great significance because it will help to cater for the welfare and safety of everyone in the country since at the end of the day, we all find it necessary to sleep in one form of constructed abode or not.

There are three basic needs of man and these are food, clothing and shelter. Shelter is provided for by the building and construction industry – so when it is not well done, it threatens the peace and security of occupants of houses in every part of the country.

Information available to the Ghanaian Times indicate that various attempts and efforts have been made towards the development of building guidelines in one form or the other, but this is the first time a complete document known as the Ghana Building Code has been fully developed for the country.

What is the purpose of this Building Code?

In the first place, it is to provide guidelines to the various operators in the construction industry with regard to building responsibly, and also respect the requirements enshrined in the Code so that the safety of all occupants can be secured in all respects.

Secondly, the Code is meant to bring sanity into the construction industry so that things can be designed, developed and implemented in line with safety guidelines necessary for the survival of every person and also for the protection of properties throughout the country.

The third reason why the Code must be seen as important is that it is meant to provide safety for the public as well as promote the welfare of everyone. Within the construction industry, we need to ensure safety, security and promotion of public welfare so that individuals can live confidently wherever they find themselves.

It is good that bodies such as the Ghana Standards Authority, the Ministry of Works and Housing, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and also the Ministry of Local Government have found it necessary to come together in this way to develop a Building Code for the country, which is meant to help provide public safety, security and welfare in the construction industry.

The good news is that the Code touches on all aspects of the building industry. Some of these are electricity and lighting, building materials, iron rods, quarries and also materials such as cement. Other areas examined are furnishing of buildings, decorations, accessibility and the use of appropriate construction materials.

The launch has come at a time when some disasters have been encountered in the industry, leading to the destruction of lives and property as well as displacement of people from their homes due to the collapse of buildings as well as fire outbreaks in homes and offices.

We have not really learned serious lessons from these disasters and that explains why in the view of the Ghanaian Times, the time is now ripe for us to conform to the requirements of the Building Code.

One area that should be given attention is the implementation of the requirements in the Code. Much will depend on the district assemblies and other bodies responsible for issuing permits to prospective builders for the construction of offices and houses. If all these agencies play their roles well and conform strictly to the requirements that are necessary, public safety will be guaranteed.

Once again, the Ghanaian Times is happy about the launch and urges all operators within the construction industry to keep to what is required of them as far as the Building Code is concerned.


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Publish date : 2018-11-01 12:13:36

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