Africa: kwesi, the Black Man Is Not Cursed!!!

By the Grace of God when I was Deputy Minister of Local Government, Hon Kwesi Biney was DCE for Ahanta West, near Takoradi. I am a regular reader of his column, “Voice from the West.”

I could imagine him sitting behind his laptop writing his latest article: Is the Black Man Cursed? Published at Page 4 in the Friday July 25 2019 issue of the Daily Guide. “Daavi, give me three tots !!!!

I am NOT the lawyer for the Black Race – there are far more senior and most learned intellectuals than me in this area. But, God permitting, let me say in direct answer that THE BLACK MAN IS NOT CURSED!!!!!!

Infact, Kwesi Biney, any black man who will ask the question that “Is The Black Man Cursed” will indirectly be confessing the success of a deliberate intelligently orchestrated deep seated campaign t o DEHUMANIZE the black race into perpetual SERFDOM.

Kwesi Biney, let me take you to the NADIR of CREATION.

Per knowledge disseminated to mankind through the research work of Rev Pastor BENING in his published works, Almighty God our Heavenly Father first created ANGELS for the sole purpose of WORSHIPPING Him.

He made Satan the Arch Angel, full of brightening minerals; Satan rebelled, and God drove him out of Heaven, together with his collaborators. In replacement, God created MAN, but instead of brightening minerals, God used RAW SOIL, soot black.

ADAM, first man on earth, was a BLACK man. Kwesi Biney, mankind, until the floods, were ALL BLACK !! Ask Google, and you will be told that EGYPT means BLACK.

The earliest greatest civilization that flourished on earth, grandchildren of NIMROD were ALL BLACKS !!!

If anybody tells you that the black man is cursed, hoot at the person. He does not know what he is talking about.

Rev Bening continues that during the floods MAN, that is Noah and his family were closeted in the Ark for three years, during which the extreme cold weather affected the pigmentation of the skin.


One of the greatest historians of all time – BASIL DAVIDSON an army officer later turned journalist, writes a testimony of the black Race. The Historians are many in this regard.

In the days of Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana, crime rate in Bukom and James Town was much higher than neglible rates in Asylum Down Ridge and Cantonments. In today’s Ghana, crime rate in Nima is much higher than in East Legon.

By extension, crime rate – rape, murder, robbery is relatively higher among the poor, deprived, depraved overpopulated areas of the world. IT IS NOT RACE RELATED!!!!!!!!

And, Kwesi Biney, have you checked your history? Have you read the famous book by Walter Rodney: How Europe Underdeveloped Africa? How through mis-education they produced bigots like Idi Amin and butchers like Colonel Mengistu of Ethiopia?

Do you know that CARTHAGE (today’s Tunisia) succeeded Egypt as a black world power, and was captured and 700 years of civilization was wiped out by the Romans?

Do you know that Barcelona and the CATALONIA of Spain was built by an African Carthaginian General, Hannibal? His son BARCA built Barcelons!!!

The black Race is NOT cursed.

Look at the continent we live in, Africa- the greatest most richly endowed soil mass on earth. According to scientists even with all the plunder so far, less than 30% of our God given resources have been exploited so far… … …

The tragedy of the black race was that for 300 years, a total of 6 million blacks were forcibly manacled and exportedas human cargo across the oceans to live in terrible dehumanizing conditions to work as SLAVE LABOUR to build the factories of Europe and the grasslands of America.

Mark you, for THREE HUNDRED YEARS, across SIX generations, it became a CRIME to be physically strong or a beautiful lady. You will be picked and sold as a slave.

But Africa was NOT destroyed. We survived, and have started repopulating our continent. I hear people complaining about corruption, crime, murder and what have you… … … . Rampaging Roman General, Julius Caesar, upon encountering resistance from the city of Gombi angrily ordered and his soldiers MASSACRED every living being in the city of Gombi. Was Caesar a black man?

Adolf Hitler, the half demented Austrian Corporal who seized power in Germany and presided over the massacre of over 10 million people in the Second World War -was he a black man?

President Harry S Truman ordered the atomic bomb tobe dropped on Hiroshima and Negaseki to force Japan into submission – this massacre of innocent non combatant citizens of Japan – is it excusable? You say the black man is a murderer?

How about Pol Pot in Cambodia – was he a black man?

Can even the scale ofbrutalities and atrocities committed by the Afrikaans in South Africa be comparable in history to any genocide ANYWHERE in history?

As Deputy Minister of Interior I travelled to Senegal and I saw an inscription on a wall that swelled my eyes… … … … “if all the waters of the ocean were ink, they will still not be enough to write the atrocities inflicted on our people in the name of slavery … … … … ..”

I took my wife Gloria on an excursion to Elmina Castle and as the Guard related the atrocities and harrowing brutalities meted out to the slaves, Gloria broke down and wept like a baby… … … … ..

What are you telling me, Kwesi Biney? That the black man has a monopoly over CRIME, MURDER, and RAPE… … … .???And, thatthe black man is cursed? By whom? Definitely not the Almighty God Our Heavenly Father

Kwesi Biney, do you know that the first world has an elaborate system in place to PERPETUALLY keep the Third World in bondage? You surely must know the purposes of theBretten Woods Institutions – the world Bank and International Monetary Fund… ..these are the midwives of International finance capital,, whose sole purpose is to deeper the economic stranglehold of third world countries . No country has religiously followed INIF prescriptions and broken out. Kwesi Biney, go and read Cheryl Payer’s famous book – The Debt Trap?

Do you know that if you buy an air ticket Accra – London – Accra, it is THREE times the cost in dollars if you buy the same ticket as London – Accra – London?

Why is France DESPERATELY preventing Francophone Africa from greater cooperation with Anglophone Africa? Why did David Cameron and Hilary Clinton conspire and wiped out Colonel Gaddafi?

Who masterminded the killing of Patrice Lumumba and foisted power drunk bogey MobetuSeseSako on Congo for over three decades? Who killedSamora Michel of Mozambique? Who brought down the Government of President Kwame Nkrumah to abort the gigantic African Renaissance? You think it was Kotoka and Afrifa? They were only piddles!!!

What happened to Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso? Who killed the famous Murtala Mohammed of Nigeria? You think it was Major General Bissala?

Give me a break, Kwesi Biney.

I will NOT say the battle to give the black man a place to stand in the world is an easy battle – not at all. It is David versus Goliath duel except that only God knows when the black David will emerge to conquer the Goliath strutting about today.

The black man is NOT cursed. We have a long journey ahead, except that looking at the African terrain today, I am not sure we have even began the odyssey.

Maybe two generations from now, or three, but definitely, one day, the world will return to EGYPT, the nadir of civilization.

Let me end with James Brown’s famous rhythm, the oft quoted American Negro spiritual”… … … … . Say it loud… … . I’M BLACK AND PROUD!!!!!!!!!


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