Kenya: Nyandarua Villagers Live in Fear Over Leopards Attack

Villagers in Passenga, Nyandarua County are living in fear because of leopards that are allegedly terrorising people and attacking livestock in the area.

Passenga Chief Daniel Muniu told on Tuesday that the locals have been advised to be careful for fear of being attacked by the wildcats.

Residents say the leopards, a male, a female, and three young ones, were first spotted in the area two weeks ago. They claim they alerted the Kenya Wildlife Services officials but no action has been taken yet.

Njoroge Matu, a farmer, explained how he narrowly escaped death when he found the wildcats in his compound early Tuesday morning.

“They were trying to gain entry into the animal shed. One of leopards towards my house when I opened the door, but I managed to lock the door in good time,” said Mr Matu.

Nyandarua KWS boss Louryen Yierar said he is out of the office and promised to take action.


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Publish date : 2018-10-30 13:58:02

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