Kenya: University Students Threaten Mass Action Over Killing of Carlton Maina

University students have threaten mass action if justice is not done over the police killing of Carlton John Maina.

Speaking on Wednesday, University of Nairobi Students Association chairman Anthony Manyara also called on the police to be educated on the value of human life.

“After the news of Carlton’s death, I personally travelled from my home in Meru to convene a meeting of university student leaders to chart way forward. We resolved that if justice is not done, we will mobilise students in universities for mass action,” said Mr Manyara.

In the tense forum held at the Shining Hope for Communities (Shofco) Hall in Kibera, locals decried random killings of youth by the police in the area.

The meeting was organised by Shofco, Soweto Silanga Welfare Group, Amani Kibera, Crime Si Poa, The International Commission of Jurists- Kenya section, Independent Medico Legal Unit and Amnesty International Kenya.

Kilimani OCPD Michael Muchiri, who attended the meeting, promised the students and slum dwellers that investigations are underway to determine the circumstances the led to Maina’s killing.

Mr Muchiri said he will push for fresh training of law enforcement officers.

Maina, 23, a student at Leeds University, was shot dead on Sunday, December 23, 2016 by the police who claim he was among a group of gangters that has been terrorising residetns of Line Saba.

Already, the Independent Police Oversight Authority has launched an investigation into the shooting of Maina, a university student, by the police in Kibera, Nairobi.


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Publish date : 2019-01-02 11:13:13

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