Kenya: Here Is KOT’s List of Things to Avoid in 2019

Kenyans on Twitter have compiled a list of things to avoid in 2019 as they start the new year.

Through the hashtag #ThingsToAvoidIn2019, tweeps shared weird, albeit annoying habits that some should be stopped or avoided.

Among the things that came up include eliminating fake friends, not being in relationships with people not ready to commit, among other things.

Below is a few of the things that ranked top on the list

Negative people and freeloaders. #ThingsToAvoidIn2019 – Nexusoul (@Nexusoul_ZA) January 3, 2019

Stop dating women who’ve got nothing but sex to offer in a relationship. #ThingsToAvoidIn2019 – Gambler ?? (@thinane_morena) January 3, 2019

#ThingsToAvoidIn2019 Telling lies – Halhje Mussqei (@_ngqwangi) January 3, 2019

#ThingsToAvoidIn2019 Trying to fit in ? – Wolf (@ItsParks_SA) January 3, 2019

#ThingsToAvoidIn2019 Lending money to friends!?✋? – uNdlunkulu Xoli ? (@uNdlunkulu_Xoli) January 3, 2019

#ThingsToAvoidIn2019 Walking in my house naked ? – Daddy? (@SirBrightug) January 3, 2019

#thingstoavoidin2019 being answerable to anyone – Muzzukulu Wa’kintu (@nasybb) January 3, 2019

#ThingsToAvoidIn2019 Weaves !! Free your natural hair ladies – loud boy ? (@_leshomo) January 3, 2019

#ThingsToAvoidIn2019 Running after every prophet & man of God in town for a miracle. Make your self better & lovable! ? #2019 – Jaqi Deweyi (@JDeweyi) January 3, 2019

#ThingsToAvoidIn2019 People who constantly lie that Olives and Sushi tastes good. – Alex™ ♕?? (@AlexSithole) January 3, 2019


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