Kenya: House Help’s Son Abducted, Kidnappers Want Sh15m Ransom

A house help at a Homa Bay County Assembly official’s home is in agony after her child was kidnapped in what is suspected to be a mistaken identity.

Police are investigating the incident where the kidnappers are demanding Sh15 million from the woman who works for Mr Ken Kowuo and his wife Caroline Sang’.

Mr Kowuo is a primary school teacher while his wife is the Principal Finance Officer at the Homa Bay County Assembly.

The couple claims that the kidnapper(s), who targeted their daughter, might have mistakenly kidnapped their house help’s son.

Ms Lilian Achieng’ claims that her son identified as Jack Ochieng’ was abducted on March 17, 2019 by unknown people within Rodi Kopany market.


The abductors demanded for Sh15 million ransom which should be paid via mobile phone cash transfer system or they kill the child.

The Class Six pupil was sent to the market to buy food at 2 pm but he failed to return home.

When darkness fell in, Ms Achieng’ searched for the minor in vain.

The single mother realised that her son was abducted on Monday when an unknown person called her on phone to demand ransom.

“The caller said the money was to be paid on Tuesday or they harm the child. I don’t know who the person is. He never told me where he was or whether my son was fine or not,” said Ms Achieng’.

From her conversations with the suspect, Ms Achieng’ claimed to have heard her son calling from the background. “I heard him calling me twice but he was instructed to be quiet,” she told journalists.


“What has our house help done to deserve the punishment? We have a strong feeling that our daughter was the one being targeted,” claimed Mr Kowuo.

The couple claimed that they had previously been informed that their daughter was being targeted by a group of criminals.

“Some people may think we have a lot of money which is not the case, we plead with the abductors to set Ochieng’ free,” said Ms Sang’.

The couple has been receiving strange phone calls from anonymous people telling them to send them ransom.


They have reported the matter to Homa Bay Police Station. The police have begun investigating the matter.

The incident adds to the growing list of cases where county government officials have been targeted by criminals.

Last year, County Assembly Accountant Maurice Amek was shot outside his house by unknown people who demanded cash.

County Secretary Isaiah Ogwe’s two children were also abducted.


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