Kenya: MCA Raises Concerns Over Toxic Emissions From Factories Along Mombasa Road

Nairobi — South B Member of County Assembly Waithera Chege is now calling upon Environment Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko to intervene following complaints from residents over toxic emissions from factories along Mombasa Road.

Through a letter addressed to Tobiko, Waithera says there are fears among residents that the toxic emissions could lead to health complications.

“I write to voice my concern about certain factories releasing toxic emissions along Mombasa Road. Nairobi residents, particularly those in Nairobi South have been victims of this unfortunate incident,” she said.

The MCA says the unpleasant smell has been terrorizing the residents since 2014, and the gases have caused a number of respiratory complications among the residents, especially children who were exhibiting symptoms such as nose bleeding, vomiting and sore eyes.

Chege says the smell is recurrent and is a risk especially now that schools have closed.

“Residents have complained of foul, pungent and often nauseating smell that emanates from the factories within the vicinity,” said Waithera.

The latest complaint was raised on Sunday 31 where a child was hospitalized with breathing complications in what is believed to be as a result of inhaling the toxic gas.

The Nairobi County Environment Chief Officer David Makori said the investigations on the matter had begun and the county had mapped 20 companies.

He however said the toxic emissions had been narrowed down to three companies.

Waithera wants an investigation done and the quality of the air be tested so that factories that are found culpable, have owners charged.

The matter is also before the County’s environment committee and the committee visited the industries which are located within a radius of 1 km from South B estate on March 27 this year.


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Publish date : 2019-04-11 10:57:35

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