Kenyatta is the Coolest President Ever, Will There Ever Be Another?

President Uhuru Kenyatta with members of the FBI Dance Crew (file photo).

Johannesburg — On August 5 President Uhuru Kenyatta flew to Jamaica for a historic state visit where he also graced that country’s 57th Independence Day celebrations in Kingston, as a special guest and met the widow of reggae legend Bob Marley, Rita Marley.

There he and the Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness pledged to deepen bilateral and people-to-people ties for the benefit of the two countries.

“The Prime Minister was telling me that Jamaican Diaspora is everywhere and almost every country on this earth so he was wondering if there is a Jamaican diaspora in Kenya and I told him yes I can confirm given the fact that my wife’s brother’s mother comes from Jamaica and she lives in Kenya and she has lived there all her life,” claimed Kenyatta. Kenyans were left wondering who Kenyatta was even referring to, with some claiming he is trying so hard  to have links to Jamaicans.

A few days later he is back in Kenya after acquiring a Jamaican accent. The Nation posted a video of Kenyatta attempting to showing off his new accent and left Twitter users in stitches.

This is what Twitter users had to say:

Dennis Muturi @DennisM666

Haha I want what he’s having

Justus Muteti Mwandi @husmute

Big tings a gwaan. I and I declare Juja a holy city. Respec! Jah bless.

Mkenya tu @okoba_wandera

After this Mcsk Thought that ksh. 2500 is enough for royalties hehe Awuoro

Who remembers the one time Kenyatta showcased his dab moves with the FBI Dance Crew, as part of his campaign to encourage youths to register as voters?


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