Nigeria: Soyinka – ‘University of Mannittawiw’ Doesn’t Exist, Twitter Users Reply @tosinodunfa

The recent plane seat saga involving Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka and a young Nigerian has refused to go stale as Twitter users have refuted the claim of the existence of a university called Mannittawiw, made by one @TosinOdunfa who claimed he was the young man in question and lectures there too.

The story began of a young Nigerian who ordered Prof. Soyinka to vacate his seat on a flight.

Tonye Cole had narrated the story and Nigerians had condemned the young man for the alleged act.

But, as condemnations trailed the report, even though the true identity and whereabouts of the young man who actually had the encounter with Soyinka was still not yet very clear, one @TosinOdunfa quickly went on social media to claim that he was the young man in question.

But following Odunfa’s claim of being a Ph.D holder and a lecturer at the said ‘University of Mannittawiw,’ Google checks by some curious twitter users revealed that the said university does not exist anywhere in the world at the moment.

Odunfa’s claims were first posted on the Instagram page of Daddy Freeze and on Twitter.

“I am the young guy! Yes, the one in question with a baseball cap and t-shirt, I am unashamed to be at the prime of my youth, in fact, I blushed a little bit after reading your description of my chest and muscles. Is thank to strong discipline that I live a fit life and I am able to go to the gym o my tight schedule.

“Prof. didn’t mind getting up and in fact, he confided in me as we chatted later on the flight that he would have done the same and that he was more embarrassed by the undue attention. Prof and I actually have few things in common, we are both in academia, I have a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering and teach Nano Electromagnetic Theory at the University of Mannittawiw.

“He said to me that he thinks that Nigerian youths need to stand up more for themselves than we do and he spoke to me about the ideals they tried to promote when he co-founded a secret society in his youth. I have read up on him now and know for sure that Wole Soyinka is a great man but I sadly was not taught about him in school. We exchanged contact information and I will certainly stay in touch.

“Please, note that I am on the Autism spectrum and need the view from the window to keep me from getting sick on the plane, hence my insisting on taking the window seat. Finally, Brother Tonye, the words on your lap are very inspiring, “everything you want is on the other side of not giving up,” he explained.

Following the search and discovery of the nonexistence of the cited university, Odunfa deleted the post, saying his claim was truly false.

He wrote: “The story was meant to help drive home the point that Youth have to rise up to realize that there is a clear and present threat to their future by an ageing-patriarchal society that doesn’t know the damage it is doing to our future. Women are at risk too”.

But twitter users have continued to express their views on the whole saga.

Pls where is the supposed University of mannittawiw where the said boy lectures

— Akobo Gogo-Abite (@akoboga) 25 June 2019

Tosin Odunfa : I sat next to #WoleSoyinka, We discussed. I’m a lecturer at University of Mannittawiw.

Nigerians : goggle check University of Mannittawiw

Goggle: University not found


— Mayor of Abuja (@TravizTall) 25 June 2019

While searching for University of Mannittawiw

— Idris Obadaki (@Icedris) 25 June 2019

Sir, the drama is not over, investigation is still ongoing and we are finding it difficult to locate University of Mannittawiw location via google

— Savage Apostle ?? ?? (@MartinsAdedeji1) 25 June 2019

thank God we now have a school in wakada “University of Mannittawiw” were we can now study that vibranium thing that is giving everyone problem in marvel

— ojo Praiz (@OjoPraise) 25 June 2019

I didn’t actually go to school but I actually went to University of Mannittawiw. That’s’ actually where i got my PHD. But ,the University of Mannittawiw doesn’t actually exis on this earth but is actually situated in the heaven, only for the dead .

— FOREVER YOUNG (@searchin4trulov) 25 June 2019


“University of Mannittawiw” is located in Wakanda, stop googling it, it’s off the map

— Omowale?? (@Iam_Omowale) 25 June 2019

Good morning everyone, I am a certified travel expert consultant and a registered affiliate flight booking agent with travelstart. I have PhD in tourism from University of Mannittawiw

— OLOYEBABA Oluwaseun (@oloyebaba) 25 June 2019

University of Mannittawiw applications are open for Executive MBA

— The Strategist┬« (@thevostrategist) 25 June 2019

You can get the most affordable and luxury learning culture in the world by applying to University of Mannittawiw

— The Strategist┬« (@thevostrategist) 25 June 2019

I’ve rested enough! It’s time I further my education. Can anyone here brief me on her to get admitted to University of Mannittawiw? Was told they’re the best.

— Otse Udenyi Solomon (@OtseUdenyi) 25 June 2019

So university of mannittawiw is situated in heaven ??, Guy chased the wrong clout.

— Khayr– (@Khayrahlily) 25 June 2019

Nigerians after searching the whole of internet without finding any traces of university of Mannittawiw.

— Brother Parody (@BrotherParody) 25 June 2019

Tosin Odunfa is not lying o. In fact, he was our course Rep at the University of Mannittawiw. Even Mo Abudu be lecturer for the school. Haba Nigerians can hate? Na because say the school dey for WAKANDA and una no fit attend am an why… smh

— Victor Okorafor (@victorOkorafo) 25 June 2019

Tosin Odunfa says we are all #bobofine and he only painted a scenario. There is no University of Mannittawiw. I really want Wole Soyinka to speak on this!

— Anuvi (@anuviii) 25 June 2019


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