South Africa: Constitutionalism and the Quality of Democracy – Are We Immune to Fascism?


There is an upsurge of right-wing and fascist governments in many parts of the world. Is South Africa immune to fascism? Whether or not fascism can rise to power is linked with the extent to which people of a country are prepared to defend democratic institutions. But their defence is linked with the level of their participation in democratic life.

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In contemporary South Africa much attention is rightly devoted to restoring legality, Constitutionalism and practices that conform to what is required in the exercise of public duties by officials. This is an essential part of addressing the wholesale pillage of state resources that was one of the key characteristics of the Jacob Zuma period.

In rebuilding democratic life, it is important that we restore the rule of law. Vital work is being done to re-instil a culture of regularity in State Owned Companies and other state entities.

Where one has a democratic Constitution as is the case in South Africa it is important that we ensure compliance with its provisions and where possible, interpretations of its meanings that enhance liberty as much as possible, so that the quality of…


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Publish date : 2018-10-30 13:49:09

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