South Africa: Tito Mboweni – a Maverick Iconoclast in a Cabinet of Cadres


Will Tito Mboweni change government or will it change him? Can he walk his talk? South African Cabinets are made up of quite dour people: political speak is stultifying and the ratio of slogan to the idea is sadly weighted to the former not the latter. There are some fabulous technocrats in the Cabinet, but on the whole, real maverick iconoclasts are thin on the ground. So, the newly minted Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has proven a fabulous exception.

The years as SA Reserve Bank governor and later as a global business leader have given Tito Mboweni a depth of experience and ideas that is unusual in Cabinets made up largely of apparatchiks and cadres with no experience outside government.

Take last week’s press conference in the middle of the medium-term budget policy statement “lock-up” where journalists are given access to the documents to write stories before the budget is delivered. Journalists are locked up without access to any form of communications because the budgets contain market-moving information and are therefore privileged until the finance minister…


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Publish date : 2018-10-30 12:29:53

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