South Africa: White Rhino, Lion, Giraffe and Hyenas Electrocuted in Freak Kruger Park Incident

At least five animals, including a giraffe and a white rhino, have been killed in a freak accident after an Eskom pylon collapsed in the Kruger National Park near Skukuza over the weekend.

The animals were electrocuted when the pylon fell during a heavy storm on Friday night in the southern part of the park, exposing a live wire.

The downed electrical cable was discovered when Eskom teams were called out to sort out a power failure at the Skukuza camp.

While inspecting the powerline, Eskom workers discovered a lion feeding on the carcass of a dead rhino.

SANParks spokesperson Ike Phaahle said the section rangers were called in to drive the lion away, so that the live powerline, which was lying on the ground, could be repaired.

During further inspection, rangers found a dead giraffe, two hyenas and a lion close to the rhino carcass.

It is suspected that the giraffe was electrocuted, and that the lion and hyenas were killed by live cable while trying to feed on the carcass.

The rhino’s horns were removed and taken in for safekeeping at a secret storage facility in Skukuza where all other horns are kept.



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Publish date : 2019-01-29 12:16:33

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