South Africa: Unrequited Love – Zuma’s ‘Bitter Sweet’ Valentine’s Day Note, One Year On

At around 22:00 on Wednesday, February 14, 2018, Jacob Zuma, then still South Africa’s president, read out his “Dear John” later to the nation, telling South Africans “it’s me, not you” on the very day lovers were pouring out their hearts – and their wallets – to show their affection for their significant others.

In typical Zuma style, he fought for love right up until the last minute, sending mixed messages after being cast aside by his brothers in arms in the ANC.

Addressing the nation in yet another late-night announcement, Number 1 said he was resigning, despite disagreeing with his ANC comrades.

Ironically, February 14 2018 also happened to be Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent and a symbolic day of penitence for Christians as they show sorrow and regret for having done wrong.

As with many people in the digital age, Zuma found new, albeit fleeting, love in the likes and retweets of Twitter, quickly attracting over 200 000 followers (both lovers and haters) after he joined the social network in November last year.

And it’s to these followers Msholozi sent a message of love and “bitter sweet” memories this Valentine’s day – thankfully, though, at a more appropriate time. It was 10:00.

In the 54-word love note, Zuma sent his followers his love and thanked them for showing him love.

The former president’s followers and others didn’t leave him alone for long, responding to his tweet almost immediately – some showing more love than others.

The man from Nkandla may have stepped down as president but his “hardships” are far from over. He’ll need all the love he can get – and more – to get through.

As Zuma makes his way through the first commemoration (or anniversary, depending on who you speak to) of his resignation, he may want to turn to bestselling author Michael Faudet’s Bitter Sweet Love for some consolation.

In the book on love and loss Faudet writes: “There is no perfect ending to a relationship. No magic formula. Just a silent scream as they rip your fucking heart out.”

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