South Africa: German Tourists Fleeced By Women They Met At Pub, Caught in Illegal Ammunition Find

Two German tourists rounding off a night at a pub with two women they had befriended found themselves less one phone and caught up in an illegal ammunition find, Table View police spokesperson Captain Adriana Chandler said on Friday.

She said a Table View neighbourhood watch patroller and police doing their rounds spotted the men standing outside a complex in Gie Road in the early hours of Thursday morning.

They stopped to tell the tourists to be careful as there had been robberies in that part of the suburb, north of Cape Town.

The men said they were waiting for two women they had met at a pub earlier. They had taken the women to their place in Big Bay near the beach.

The women had asked to be taken to their complex, and the men were waiting outside for them.

They mentioned that at some point in the evening one of their cellphones had vanished.

While the tourists, police and patroller were chatting, a silver Toyota Yaris left the complex and one of the tourists exclaimed that the women were in the car, said Chandler.

The car suddenly sped off when the occupants saw the police and neighbourhood watch but it was stopped at the corner of Blaauwberg and Koeberg roads.

The captain said one of the tourists identified the women, and the vehicle and its occupants were searched.

The cellphone which had disappeared was found on one of the men, and a box of ammunition was also discovered in the car.

Two women were arrested for theft, and one woman and three men for possession of ammunition.

They are expected to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Source: News24


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Publish date : 2019-03-15 12:38:41

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