South Africa: To Peter Flack – Hunting Plays No Role in Conservation


The goal of those opposed to hunting is to protect targeted species from trophy hunters, to ensure that there is wildlife here for future generations.

Hunting has never played a role in conservation, and this is finally being appreciated not only by people but by science.

Surely there is someone else, more cognisant, less offensive, who can speak for the hunters in Africa? But out comes Peter Flack, again and again, with his repetitive attempts to defend the indefensible. He clearly fails to grasp that people who oppose trophy hunting oppose it wherever it occurs in the world. And that the majority of the small, elite, jet-setting group of trophy hunters is American, not African. Or this is not an anti-hunt brigade but a social movement.

Our goal is not intended to personally insult Peter Flack’s misplaced sense of his “cultural” right to profit by charging foreign hunters high fees to pursue and kill native, endangered wildlife. It is to protect targeted species from human killers so there is wildlife still here for future generations. That humans have hunted for as long as they have is an argument better suited to the causes of species extinctions of the Anthropocene.



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Publish date : 2019-03-15 12:57:09

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