South Africa: Writing the 2019 Election – It’s Becoming Terribly Confusing Among the Small Parties


There are some curious parallels and shared policies among the small parties. The ACDP meets the ZACP on free markets. The Freedom Front Plus and Al Jama-ah share concerns over ‘minorities’, but part way with Muslims bowing in one direction, and Afrikaners fighting back in another direction. It makes you wonder why they all can’t get along.

At the time of publication, we are about six weeks from the next general election. It is squeaky bum time (and some of us are still holding out for the moveable feast that is St Totteringham’s Day)…

Nonetheless, apart from those who swear eternal loyalty to a particular political party or movement — and who believe the battle of ideas has been won — there are, to be sure, still those among us who may need to be convinced about whom to vote for on 8 May. There are 48 political parties to choose from. The further away from the ruling party and the official opposition you move, down there among the small parties, it gets rowdier and confusing.

If voting trends of the past 25 years are anything to go by, the ANC and DA could collect as much as 80% of…


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