South Africa: Web Rangers Aims to Clean Up the Internet One School At a Time

Social media and the internet are literally all that anyone ever does these days – except for some demographic cohorts. Geez, I was checking my Twitter feed while writing this very article. But it can be a toxic environment that can launch an attack on you. Therefore, digital literacy is essential and specifically for young people if they are to be shielded from the woes of cyber-attacks – and this is exactly what Web Rangers are here for.

Web Rangers is an international project that was piloted by Google aimed at primary and high school learners aged between 12-17 years old to empower young people with critical skills on how to use the internet and social media responsibly and confidently. It was launched in South Africa in 2016 alongside leading implementing partner Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) to improve participants’ digital literacy and empower them with autonomy over their digital footprint.

Compared to the pre-Facebook era more and more young people have access and are actively engaging online through social media. They are exposed to risks and dangers such as cyberbullying, cyber predators, phishing, posting of private information, scams and accidentally downloading malware.

In addition to creating and promoting awareness around…


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Publish date : 2019-08-13 14:22:41

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